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Here's the reply I sent to Mike again, with the additional information on my difficulties trying to get my body back. Toto_Riina wrote:Hey Mike, so maybe I'm reading into this too much but... This time when you were talking about how it could be a side-effect of not using loong pants, you mentioned how they are causing you to sweat. Did you mention that you also experienced the same problem when you stopped drinking water while out, ie. It was more of a dry hot sweat? I started wearing loong pants around the time I started experiencing what you are experiencing. I honestly don't recall if I mentioned it when I was talking about you and drinking water or not. Let me ask, when you described feeling like you can't stay hydrated in the short run and just taking small sips of water, was that for the whole day? For me, as soon as I take off the loong pants, I immediately feel like I am rehydrated, which is the opposite of what is happening for you. I do not feel like I am dehydrated (even if I haven't drank for quite some time). I also feel like I am drinking a lot of water for how I feel. For me, when I wear them, I don't feel as thirsty as I would if I wasnt wearing them. I feel more like I am hydrated. My shirt feels like it is drying up. Is that something that you experience when you are wearing them? For me, when I take them off, I immediately feel more thirsty. Also, my shirt feels so dry that I feel like I am going to have a heatstroke when I am outside. I go to the lake to cool down and try to get a bit of water on myself to cool down. I also just ordered a pair of loong pants in blue to see if that might help with the feeling you describe. When you were talking about training, did you mention that you're not used to doing that with the loong pants? I stopped training on January 1st and have not been able to train since then. I do my best to train as much as I can, but it is not the same, at least not to me. You seem to have a lot of free time and I'm wondering if you haven't considered yoga or stretching to help maintain flexibility in your lower back while you wait for




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