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Assassins Creed Jar [April-2022]




2010 ; Assassin's Creed II 07.06.2009 ; Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 16.01.2008 ; Assassin's Creed III 10.07.2007 ; and AC IV 10.10.2016. 1. The Trinitrons are the most beautiful televisions in the world. 2. The minimum requirement to buy a Trinitron is 10,000 euros. 3. The Trinitron came out of the concept of an 80,000 euros "shadow" that sits on the audience for an hour. 4. The influence of the Trinitron was such that a negative advertising campaign was conducted using the slogan "I don't know if I like it, but I am in love with it" to promote a product. 5. The Trinitron didn't really work in America. It was different to the Trinitron in Europe. 6. The Trinitron was the only screen that could be sold to a woman that could buy a colour TV of the same size. 7. This man, Robert Cailliau, is a businessman who rose to prominence with his Trinitron. 8. The Trinitron is the longest running electronic device in history. 9. The Trinitron is the first television for the global market. 10. The Trinitron is the first image-reversal technology. 11. The Trinitron is the most energy-efficient TV. 12. The Trinitron is the first television to be made using lead-free glass. 13. The Trinitron is a TV with an internal frequency converter. 14. The Trinitron is the first TV with active lighting. 15. The Trinitron is the first screen that can play in all directions. 16. The Trinitron is the first TV to enable the user to change the audio system. 17. The Trinitron was a technological revolution. 18. The Trinitron was a TV that was very expensive. 19. The Trinitron made possible the development of digital media, even though it started being used for a lot of things before it had any real impact. 20. The Trinitron created a new genre of electronic devices. 21. The Trinitron is a family of image reversal TVs. 22. The Trinitron's main strength was its image reversal technology.



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Assassins Creed Jar [April-2022]

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